NeverThinkAI Privacy Policy

1. Data Collection

NeverThinkAI learns from Users and the Messages send by them. It uses every channel in every server to learn and grow. Messages send by Users get filtered and saved to a database. The filtering consists of filtering out Email addresses, tokens, pings, links.

2. Data Encryption

The words and sentences get stored to the Database UNENCRYPTED but filtered to not contain any information about the user. The data will not get connected to the users. No names or user ids are saved.

3. Access to the Data

Database access is restricted to just 1 person. Tho the bot will use saved words / sentences on other servers to talk to other people.

4. Deletion of Data

Data from the Database only gets deleted when staff members detect unwanted or offensive words / sentences. Users can also request the deletion of data by dming a staff member or sending a message into the support server.

5. How to secure your data

If you don't want the bot to learn from any channel in your server, then restrict the access to that channel for the bot. You can also add ##private to the description of a channel to deny the learning algorithm to learn from that channel.