NeverThinkAI, the chatbot powered by AI that can accurately mimic a typical Discord user.

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What's a NeverThinkAI?

NeverThinkAI is a chatbot powered by a self developed AI named ACP1.

Thousands of Discord users taught NeverThinkAI. It has become very skilled at mimicking the way a typical Discord user speaks.

As you interact with NeverThink, it will become better as it is AI-based and constantly learning. You may support its advancement and pick the path you want its messages to go.

NeverThinkAI is the perfect companion for any discord server by helping it stay active. It engages with your discord members whenever no one else is around.

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NeverThinkAI is one of the more simpler bots to setup.

Simply follow the 4 steps, and you're good to go.

Please don't hesitate to join the Community server if you need any help.

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    Invite NeverThink to your server

  • 02

    Choose a Channel

  • 03

    Run /setup

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With NeverThinkAI, experience a smooth chatbot experience.

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Phase 01

October 07, 2021

Original Test Launch

The first ever iteration of NeverThinkAI launching as a test run. The AI was completely raw with almost no training data. It didn't perform well, as expected

Phase 02

October 20, 2021

Public Launch on

NeverThinkAI just launched on with pretty much the same AI. The bot got expanded at least a little to the point where it could have atl east half a conversation

Phase 03

October 28, 2021

Going "Viral" on

At this point NeverThinkAI started gaining some servers and more and more people added it. With this of course, the AI got a big boost with training data.

Phase 04

April 22, 2022

ACP2 experimental launch

ACP2 a newly developed AI designed to replace ACP1. But ACP2 just wasn't advanced enough and never left the early-alpha stage

Phase 05

July 12, 2022

Addition of a swear filter

After multiple incidences of NeverThinkAI becoming Racist/Sexist (lmao) we added an advanced swear filter to combat this behavior.

Phase 06

November 15, 2022

Hopeful launch of the NVTI alpha

Finally ACP3 proved itself worthy of a big breakthrough. NVTI, powered by ACP3, will enable users to create and train their own chatbot like NeverThinkAI